The Young

There's definitely something that's enticing about The Young's debut full length, Voyagers of Legend, yet it's not the kind of album that grabs you on first listen. It’s not even the kind of album that hooks you on the second go 'round, which may be too much work for these times, since attention spans seem to have shrunk regarding music consumption. However about the third time you give the album a listen it starts to seep in. There's something visceral and familiar about it. Something that rekindles the deep Midwest angst and caustic Northwest tension of the early 90's and stokes them with a slowly building fury. There haven't been many records of late that have hit terse catharsis on the head so squarely and that's much to The Young's credit. The album is swathed in faded t-shirts and tattered jeans and a penchant for cheap beer. After showing up briefly with a few singles and a track on the Casual Victim Pile comp, its nice to see that they've worked a long player into something of a monolithic punch to the sternum.

[MP3] The Young - Bird in the Bush
[MP3] The Young - Phoebis Cluster

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