Well the wares of The Fresh and Onlys are no new occurrence around these parts but that doesn't mean we don't get a bit excited every time one of Tim Cohen and co.'s singles meets the turntable. This UK import is no exception, definitely a must for collectors.

The Fresh & Onlys – Impending Doom 7" The A-side is a wide-screened, moody rock affair by many of the band's standards but at heart its pure Fresh and Onlys. Taking a bit of a moment to click in, the track opens up into a sea of reverbed vocals and driving rhythms. On the flip the band
summons up some of that slow paced twang and charm for one of their most endearing songs yet. This is definitely one to track down if you can swing it and a good primer for yet another album on the way from the band via In The Red.

[MP3] The Fresh & Onlys - Troubling Vision

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posted by dissensous at 12:51:00 PM


Anonymous panty-melter said...


the only track from the onlys that was missing, thanks

2:43 PM  
Blogger Icky's Ego said...

Great stuff, keep it coming!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Glow of the Cube said...

never a dissapointment with them.

2:12 PM  

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