VHS Head

Released on UK imprint Skam Records, home to such genre defying artists as Boards of Canada and Gescom, VHS remains a bit of a mystery. With no name or likeness on the books and a cut n' grind style that culls heavily from a collection of "pre-cert" vhs tapes, many have been eager to find out if the Head is a new talent shrouded in Burial-like mystery or perhaps one of Skam's stable using an alias. Whichever truth chooses to be true the project is a dizzying mix of beat-infusion and ADD technocracy. Its a bit like stepping into Max Headroom's subconscious for an afternoon viewing of the John Ritter-tatstic Stay Tuned. Its hard to get a footing in VHS Head's world but once you let go of the handrails the ride turns out to be pretty manically fantastic. Not recommended for epileptics or the easily overwhelmed but definitely a talent to watch out for.

[MP3] VHS Head - Sunset Everett
[MP3] VHS Head - The Violent Breed

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Blogger Unknown said...

his name is ade blacow. little brother of kris blacow

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