Ozzie – The Parabolic Rock
Ozzie share much in common with RSTB underground favorite The Twinkeyz. The band, also a West Coast creation, is hard to pin down musically; ranging in influence from Beefheatian insanity to Sparks pop weirdness with glam, power pop
and punk morsels stuck in between. The band's 1977 single "Android Love" was even produced by Twinkeyz/Public Nuisance member David Houston, further cementing the connection. Unfortunately, also cementing the connection is the fact that both bands received little press and distribution in their initial lifespan, and only cult followings upon reissue. S.S. Records approached Ozzie songwriter William Fuller about reissuing the "Android Love" single, embarking on a 10 year process that has lead to a double LP of the band's entire output and history. Its a daunting package for the uninitiated, probably even for those with some cursory knowledge of the band, but its one of those catalogs that's so diverse and full of quality recordings that it boggles the mind how something like this could have been overlooked for so long. Just as with the first time the Twinkeyz Anthology hit my speakers, the Ozzie catalog unfolds into a wealth of new favorites destined to populate mixtapes and playlists for years to come. The term lost gem gets tossed about quite often in the world of reissues but it’s rarely so well deserved.

[MP3] Ozzie - Android Love
[MP3] Ozzie - Wall

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