Outer Space

John Elliot has built up a reputation as a steady member of Emeralds but as with all members of the band he's got more than one thing going on the side. John makes up Mist with Sam Goldberg (of Radio People, etc) and has for quite some time built up a solo catalog as Outer Space. Arbor picks up the latest Outer Space full length and brings it to life on glorious, limited clear marble vinyl. On this album, three years in the making, Elliot eschews modern synths to work with pure electric signal; nodding to the 20th Century compositions of Nik Pascal and Laurie Spiegel. The results are an extensive plunge into analog sculpture, building labyrinthine worlds of modulated sound without the aid of digital shortcuts. Elliots love of the medium comes through on all levels making his S/T record a hypnotic vortex of sound that wrings life from cold, dead machines. As an added bonus Keith Fullerton Whitman has lent his ear on mastering duties, so no detail has been overlooked on this synth odyssey.

[MP3] Outer Space - Scanlon

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