Can it be? Is it really true? Has Nobunny tempered? Has the rabbit matured? Well the answer is yes and no. If you're off to see the bunny live then, no. He's as raucous as ever. Rude, semi naked and full of as much fun as you're likely to have in a live show... ever! On record, though, he may have taken a few liberties with production, influence and recording quality. There are Velvets touches to songs like "Blow Dumb". There are acoustic guitars on songs like "I was on the Bozo Show". Then again there are songs like "(Do the) Fuck Yourself" so, yeah it’s not like its a monumental display of adulthood. In fact it’s a perfect balance of infectious garage melodies and road honed songcraft. It’s Nobunny, a force, a dynamic inferno of garage pop that cannot and will not be stopped. Some will probably cry foul. These people are shortsighted. They're looking for a redux of Nobunny Loves You, but that album's been written and those shows have been sweated into the very fiber of venues all across the country. Now its time to sweat a new, and apparently First Blood into the curtains and couches of America's scuzziest live music underbellies; and these are the songs that will be bled. Learn the words now, Mousekateers.

[MP3] Nobunny - Blow Dumb
[MP3] Nobunny - (Do the) Fuck Yourself

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Anonymous Hi-Fi Weddings said...

nobunny is the best. ever.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

What Hi-Fi Weddings said, x10. He is my favvveeee.

3:59 AM  

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