The Limiñanas

French duo The Limiñanas elegantly mine the past with their Gainsbourg-inflected garage pop that feels stuck timelessly between decades. Draped in a disaffected cool that's often hard to come by without looking too stylized; the band weaves between backdrop fuzz pop with spoken word toppings to jangled and gelled dark French pop that hits all the right notes. Nothing here quite touches the hip-check cool of their single "I'm Dead" but a few come mighty close and make for that great kind of album that stops first time listeners in their tracks to inquire its source. Its hard to make an album that reeks of black leather and incense seem vital in 2010 but The Limiñanas open up doors like a lost gem found amongst the crates; full of hooks, fuzz and surprises.

[MP3] The Limiñanas - Funeral Baby
[MP3] The Limiñanas - Je suis une go-go girl

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Anonymous Adrien said...

Nice! I have to learn about these amazing French musicians through an English website. Thats awesome (and definitely not the first time foreigners teach me something about good French music)
You rock, sir!

8:10 AM  

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