J.D.Emmanuel – Wizards
Originally a private pressing owned by few and until recently, insurmountably hard to track down. The album has since popped up in two pressings, first on the Belgian imprint Dreamtime Tape Sounds and now again on Important Records.
Though the Komische masters are receiving a welcomed second round of fanfare, its nice to see the fringe get its due as well: and this synth masterwork from Emmanuel is definitely a long lost gem if there ever was one. The album has very mystical overtones (hence the title) and it uses the Sequential Circuit Pro-1 Synthesizers and Crumar Organ to great effect. Bubbling with the curiosity of a basement studio wizard, the the LP fuses languid tone based works with a gently boiling Krautrock rhythm. The LP is limited to 500 so pick one up quick.

[MP3] J.D. Emmanuel - Part IV: Expanding Into The Universe

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Anonymous Ante said...

"the Komische masters"?

the concept of stand-up kraut?
sounds intriguing :D

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