Hans Chew

Hans has kept himself in good company these past couple years playing with D. Charles Speer (who just tore down the Music Hall's 3rd anniversary) and spending time on record and the road with the late, great Jack Rose. However, before that all began Tennessee was born out of late night hotel room sessions and barroom residencies. And with that in mind, I'd make a fairly reasonable wager that no album has felt more like it was borne out of last call lamentations and 3 a.m. transient flop house origins than this one in a very long time. There's a huge divide between contemporary folk (add the psych qualifier or don't); and contemporary country and somewhere in a back alley between lies a grit and grumble of Honky Tonk that seems to have all but died out. Occasionally, though, an old soul comes along that understands the loose catharsis of barroom piano and weatherbeaten groove that's required for plausible Tonk songwriting. Now there's Hans Chew and he possesses all those things, should you choose to admire them. I've a feeling that most won't and while that's unfortunate, I've also a feeling that Chew won't care who listens; and perhaps that's why its so good to begin with.

[MP3] Hans Chew - New Cypress Grove Boogie
[MP3] Hans Chew - I Would There Was a Train (Tennessee Part Three)

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