Cloudland Canyon

Kip Ulhorn's Cloudland Canyon wanders further into the shrouded cloud of shoegaze pop than ever before and with none but amiable results. Fin Eaves sees the formerly Kranky band team up with Holy Mountain, but instead of switching from Krautrock burble to heavier territory as that shift might suggest, the band ensconce themselves in shimmery pop foam and radiant noise. Overall it definitely feels like a trip to the floor oggling 90's but never in such a direct way that the album feels retread; instead it seems to scoop from the best of that particular set and add Ulhorn's natural pop inclinations to the foray. In the best of possible ways Fin Eaves is an album that you can lay back into, billowy but without ever feeling like cotton candy.

[MP3] Cloudland Canyon - Mothlight Pt. 2
[MP3] Cloudland Canyon - Sister

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