Barn Owl

After a few solo excursions working out their own demons, Caminiti and Porras return to the beast they've forged together as Barn Owl. Larger in scope than The Conjurer, Ancestral Star, their latest siphon from the infinite abyss; is a blackened earth opus to a dead land. In an age when most artists conjure fleeting whims they carve epics out of ash. The band writes albums meant to be digested, pored over, infused from and the months spent honing this album in the studio seem to have paid off well; vaulting it alongside forerunners like Earth's Hex or Stephen R. Smith's work as Ulaan Khol. In addition to the album the band have created a video with Paul Clipson that perfectly encapsulates the fever dream desolation of the track "Light From the Mesa". Check out both the video and the track below.

[MP3] Barn Owl - Light From the Mesa

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