ANBB (Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld)

Over the course of the last few years Raster Norton wunderkind Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and Einstürzende Neubauten vocalist Blixa Bargeld have teamed up for live performances but until recently they haven't committed the collaboration to tape. Now those who haven't been able to witness the burnt chromosome electricity of their performances will get a chance to hear this epic meeting of the minds. The Ret Marut Handshake EP makes introductions quickly and sets the stage for an album to be released next month (Mimikry). The EP wanders into Bargeld's former German industrial territory but slices through any trace of nostalgia with Nicolai's keen sense of uneasy deconstruction. The results aren't at all what I would have expected based on prior familiarity with Alva Noto but definitely a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Plus there's an absolutely haunting rendition of Nilsson's "One" that feels like emotions falling apart or at the very least soaked in alcohol and slowly burnt clean.

[MP3] ANBB - One

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