The Tandoori Knights

Bloodshot Bill and King Khan team up on the world for a bit of garage jangle with a vindaloo soul. With nods squarely in check to Norton's back catalog of buskers, rock-a-billies and skiffled stringers the duo scrap and scuff through some unhinged rockers and snake charmer soul rave-ups. In truth this is Bloodshot's second pairing with a member of the KK & BBQ Show but this one's just a touch wilder and a hair weirder than its counterpart The Ding Dongs. You can feel the swagger pulse right out of the speakers throughout the whole of Curry Up It's the Tandoori Knights. It burns like chilies and makes the feet move, but its the mix of sincere rockers with tongue-in-cheek lounge humor that makes the album such a joy. If this were all bravado and strum it might wear thin, but the boys have a way of wrapping up their gimmick in a classic kitsch that seems like John Waters is just about to pull back the curtain and invite you in for some vintage porn and lemonade. Tart if we say so ourselves, this one's as fun as a record is likely to get this year and to echo a sentiment from the LP, "Fuck Dick Clark, he don't let Tandoori play the bandstand!" So start your own riot with the home version right here.

[MP3] The Tandoori Knights - Bandstand
[MP3] The Tandoori Knights - Brown Trash

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Anonymous Mark said...

Excellent stuff!

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great in a Peter Sellers way, but for the real deal, you should really dig out the Swansea's Rockin' Sikh's 45's.

Now that's rockin'!

7:50 PM  

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