Super Wild Horses

A much more focused and crushing concoction than the Horses' 7" that wafted this way at the beginning of the year; Fifteen adds just the right amount of sparse punk crunch and post-punk sneer to make this one stick. Something about the Aussie sun must be burning brighter because it has a way of producing a new wave of punk upstarts that check all the right boxes on the influence chart without sounding like straight photo copies. The Melbourne duo kick at the walls of their predecessors with gleeful and maybe even spiteful abandon. There's definitely a caustic drip in the delivery of their songs but they shake it off in a flurry of teeth, hair and drumsticks without sticking around long enough to survey the consequences or analyze the impetus. I give the pair full credit, they definitely seem to know what they're doing, but its that habit of not being showy about it that makes them feel so effortlessly fun.

[MP3] Super Wild Horses - Mess Around
[MP3] Super Wild Horses - Golden Town

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FYI, the 'buy it here' link is from the previous post. great tunes, though...thanks.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

Another good 'un - can't wait to get the lp. Thank you!

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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