Spur – Of the Moments
Excellent bit of unearthing by Drag City, who've already proven their Midwestern crate digging prowess with the reinstatement of Death's album last year. Far from similar territory to that release, Spur occupy the psych/country axis that
held the Byrds and Quicksilver Messenger Service and Moby Grape in such high esteem. The quality and consistency of Spur's work for this period leaves wonder at why they made as little impact as they did, but perhaps their Midwestern roots clashed with their West Coast style and in turn sunk them from sight. Here Drag City has augmented the original album, simply titled Spur of the Moment rather than moments, with a collection of demos and outtakes from the period that are far from rough. What holds this apart from some of the more commercial counterparts of the period is the jazz-inflected 14-minute midsection of a jam that pushes them rather nicely into psych territory that the Byrds themselves would come to occupy as well. Definitely the one essential piece of the Spur puzzle (unless you'd like to look into some heavy eBay prices), and well worth adding to your collection of 60's gems.

[MP3] Spur - Mind Odyssey
[MP3] Spur - Time is Now

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Blogger David said...

What do you think the better Drag City reissue of this year has been? The Endtables or this Spur one?

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