Radio People

It seems after spending much of their time locked in earnest soundscape solitude, Emeralds and its surrounding circle have wound up leading the forefront of an unlikely current wave of Komische disciples from the analog synth church. I for one couldn't think of a better wave of influences to take hold of a populace right now. In addition to his collaborations with Emeralds' members Mark M and John (Free Time and Mist respectively), Sam Goldberg's been running the show on Pizza Night tapes and helming his own arpeggiated bliss sequence dubbed Radio People. With the help of Digitalis he makes the jump from spools to wax and it’s an analog immersion from start to finish. Goldberg unveils an unlikely affinity for shorter tracks (much as the Emeralds themselves have done of late) but in the place of sidelong epics he weaves tracks together into a multilayered tapestry of languid hum and skittering pulse. Copies are unfortunately beginning to get scarce but definitely worth possessing.

Also, check out a great interview with Sam HERE

[MP3] Radio People - Now Where
[MP3] Radio People - The Leap Home

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