One of our favorite, yet sorely slept on, Not Not Fun projects returns with a new single and bleak blast of cold air to calm down this scorched summer.

Topaz Rags – Crown Center 7" After falling in love with Topaz Rags full length last year we thought it impossible that the band could crawl futher into their subterranean recesses of L.A. post, post, post nightlife. However, it would seem, we are decidedly wrong. The band
flickers into view with a howling, caged maelstrom of bass and ice vapor vocals that seem to take no mercy. Whereas the album felt like a comedown after a hard night's prowl, the single seems to have slunk out of the city entirely and taken refuge in a stripped shack just outside of town. The ensuing waves of paranoia and desperation seem to mirror the ecstasy of what must have come long before it. Punishment never felt so entrancing.

[MP3] Topaz Rags - You Go On

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