New HoZac batches always fill us with delight around here and the latest is no exception with great albums and singles from Super Wild Horses, Outer Minds and The Flips! The first and the last of those have been pulling our attention lately and making our feet move in oh so erratic directions!

The Flips – I Just Don't Know Where I Stand 7"
Chock full of handclaps, garage twang and heart-melting harmonies, The Flips deliver a dynamite punch of a single. Knocking things off with a shiny plastic ball of girl-group fun in the form of the title track, The
Flips establish a high standard that the rest of the platter has no trouble rising to meet. The two following numbers mellow their pace but its those syrupy sweet vocals that make us fall in love every time. With just a touch of the weathered edge that The Detroit Cobras' Rachel Nagy delivers in her vocals the songs have a way of eliciting a sympathetic barstool ear. But unlike Nagy, there's less winking and more cooing involved here; a less bare knuckle belter for sure. Solid garage pop that's begging for a proper album.

[MP3] The Flips - I Just Don't Know Where I Stand

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i just dont kno wher i stand nemore

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