Keith Fullerton Whitman

If you're at all familiar with KFW's work then you'll know that he's a pretty sharp guy and consummate composer of the electronic realm. However, as has become glaringly apparent to anyone who's worked with the elements of electronic music, it can occasionally become a pretty sterile environment. Hours of repetition and meticulousness yield great results but can sometimes come off as practiced once the elements of human error are cut back. This is why Whitman's Generator injects a sense of human erosion into the mix. He's sought to investigate "the unpredictable entropies & slight signal degradation inherent to Analog instrument design". This involves a process of sending multiple signals simultaneously to his instruments and a series of manual patching. The results are a rippling Komische universe that unfolds like a binary birdsong. Unfortunately the release was restricted to a 200 run cassette that's become rather scarce but it looks like you can pick up some live versions of his generator series below.

[MP3] Keith Fullerton Whitman - Generator 1
[MP3] Keith Fullerton Whitman - Generator 6

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