The darker side of Captured Tracks returns! Amongst a sea of indie pop and homespun projects, The Soft Moon reaches into the infinite darkness of 80's post-punk and synth throb to craft yet another superb single.

The Soft Moon – Parallels 7"
The first single that came our way from Luis Vasquez' Soft Moon hit all the right buttons on our 80's touchstone pallet, sounding like it may have felt more at home on Sacred Bones' gothic shores than at CT. This time around Vasquez
eschews any vocals for a pure dystopian punk soundtrack throb. Leaning heavy on the bass with a fluid movement that's both dancibly dark and throttled with paranoia. Glad to see that he's still sticking with the stark color and design aesthetic here and the sucker's on white vinyl so all the more reason to nab one of these right quick.

[MP3] The Soft Moon - Parallels

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