Bitchin Bajas

Cave's Cooper Crane strikes out on his own for an homage to Krautrock jams that's so frighteningly close to the original masters its hard not to check the calendar. Over the course of Tones and Zones, Crane builds walls of synth burble that bump against the edges of motirik rhythm, though often they simply bask in the blissful valleys of tonal tranquility. T&Z is the kind of record that's almost impossible not to get lost in. The percolating tones draw the mind out of focus and slowly into abstract planes of shifting thought from the moment the first zone rises on the horizon. From there it’s just a matter of letting the resistance go and floating on Crane's ever evolving Komische cloudforms until the needle bumps the runout and you have to face reality again.

[MP3] Bitchin Bajas - Zone 4

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posted by dissensous at 8:13:00 AM


Anonymous Sir Indie said...

Love the live accent of instruments in this song..gives us a break from all the synths and effects for once. =)


12:28 PM  

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