Alex Georgopoulos returns as Arp, though he's been plenty busy in the interim between In Light and the release of The Soft Wave, recording as a member of The Alps as well as Tussle along the way. Arp's latest billowy bit of pastoral psych follows much the same pallet that Georgopoulos has drawn from before, paying homage to Krautrock and Komische heroes like Cluster and Harmonia while chiseling out his own stake in the ambient hierarchy. This time though, ARP's range expands beyond the bounds of the synth focus that anchored In Light, adding orchestral touches, guitars, piano and flute to the honeyed melodies and ambient escapes that are Arp's driving force. With so many pieces of the synth landscape falling into place this year, it may finally be Georgopoulos' time to shine as a seasoned veteran in the right place at the right time.

[MP3] Arp - White Light
[MP3] Arp - Summer Girl

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