Two releases from the darker and lighter side of the great pop spectrum. Clockcleaner's John Sharkey is still keeping things dipped in heavy synth with his Puerto Rico Flowers project and Floridians The Jameses channel a bit of Flying Nun pop. All in all not a bad Friday.

Puerto Rico Flowers – 2 7"
Naturally, Sharkey's latest release is branded 2 being that it has two songs on it. Somehow I'm sensing a theme here. Anyhow this picks up the reigns right where 4 dropped them, with Sharkey exploring the dark side of the 80's pop palette.
Pocked with heavy tempos, rainy synths and a brood that seems like it came right out of the speakers in 1984, the A side is a perfect sequel to his last 12". Then, a surprising Neil Young cover on the flip gets the dark pop makeover, finding the goth soul you never new Neil had. Sharkey does the teardrop synth work so effortlessly you'd swear you heard one of his creations over the credits of an actual 80's film somewhere. And maybe its that spot on dedication to form that makes his turn down the road of darkened synth pop that's sprung up of late so refreshing; he's not imitating he's reaching back and writing from the same mindset. Definitely leaves me wanting more so hopefully these two are just a teaser for an upcoming album.

[MP3] Puerto Rico Flowers - Voice of Love

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The Jameses – Rat People 7"
Seems like Florida's finally getting its due with whole crop of great bands springing out of there lately and the Jameses are just the latest to ride the pop wave out of the land of Disney and everglades. The A-side on this one is absolutely smile
inducing, cribbing bits of of the jangle and strum that made Flying Nun records a staple of ramshackle pop collections everywhere. A bounce of beat and a few effervescent spins later and its easy to see why these guys were snapped up for an upcoming Captured Tracks single. The flip isn't as shot through with sunshine but still no major clouds in sight with the organ riding high in the intro only to break through in shuffle of strings and a driving melody that's moody but with an upturned smile creeping through. Damn fine single for a band's debut and hopefully a window to future fun from these guys.

[MP3] The Jameses - Rat People

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