TK Webb

It seems that for the time being, TK has left the Visions behind and perhaps that's to his credit. Switching from Kemado to the label's smaller imprint Mexican Summer feels like a natural move for the veteran songwriter on his latest self-titled album. With minor exceptions, the heroic bombast that accompanied Webb's adoption of a full band on his last record has been left behind. What follows is instead a return to his folk-blues roots albeit with a bit of a studio polish languishing in the background. Its the same rough, worn Webb that caught the ears of RSTB on his first couple of Social Registry records; imperfect, whiskey-throated and ragged in a way that feels like coming home after a long journey. And maybe that's what this is, a return to home after a strange side trip. Dragging the remains of a guitar behind him, Webb assumes a position on an old stoop; familiar surroundings but definitely not the same old song.

[MP3] TK Webb - Destroy Yourself
[MP3] TK Webb - Toward the Light

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