Tim Cohen

Cohen is back again in quick succession with another solo album wearing a strikingly similar cover to his last one, The Two Sides of; but although the outside looks similar, the contents are definitely a departure from his last one man stand. This time the Fresh & Onlys vet unleashes his solo outpouring on the world via BK's own Captured Tracks and it seems such a natural fit its a wonder it took the two parties this long to intersect. Laugh Tracks is a bit more upbeat and fleshed out than the lonesome outsider shuffle of Two Sides yet it still retains that biting sense of wit and natural attention to melody that have made Cohen's work so vital over these last couple of years. His solo works seem to vent both a more introspective side of Cohen and a more experimental side; with outsider pop touches that aren't always aimed at catchiness sitting alongside horn flourishes that feel bigger than anything attempted on an F&O record so far. It’s another side of Tim but as with most releases bearing his name that cross this way, an essential one.

[MP3] Tim Cohen - Oh, Oh, Oh
[MP3] Tim Cohen - That's My Baby

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