These Canadian grime miners finally make the jump from tape to vinyl, tearing down the walls in the process. Definitely pick one up while these are still around.

Holy Cobras – Holy Cobras 7"
Holy Cobras begin the A-side of this corker with head-trip ready blurs of disembodied voices before kicking in the garage stomp with a yelp, instantly dirtying the hell out of this track. They give garage a motorik pulse that seems destined to
snap at any moment and with the aid of some John Dwyer-style howls near the track's peak, it seems that may indeed be the outcome. Instead the track simply sinks back into the melted glass menagerie of voices that began it. On the flip, the band gets even more zoned out with a hypnotic display of repetition. It pulses and an undulates on a bed of fuzz so thick its impossible to discern shapes, let alone instruments. All in all a great entry to wax for this longtime tape fave.

[MP3] Holy Cobras - Feed Yr Head

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