Our favorite Olympians return with a pair of 7"s that only seem to cement their sterling reputation as faves in the twitchy realms of post-punk skree around here. Super limited so get those grubby paws ready to grab fast!

Christmas – Scenic Beauty 7"
This 7" saw release in late June at CMRTYZ's PSYCHEDELIC SUMMER installation at Rare Gallery and it’s a double shot of Christmas' frantic intensity, all flailing limbs, rubbery bass and sonic slap. The band fits the reigns of Oly pop perfectly,
strapping on the tattered shirtsleeves of DIY and post-punk with a touch of the urgency that's fed out of the maniac boredom of so many of the Northwest's finest. Emily Beanblossom loses cool with the best of them, leaving only the shattered remains of composure on the stage in her wake. The single is closely followed by a sister release that'll see light in August in a similar vein. Both are available at the Bandcamp page below.

[MP3] Christmas - The Whips of Love

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