News – Hot Off the Press
The most striking aspect of News' tragically overlooked Hot Off the Press is the band's use of steel guitar as a force of West Coast psych rather than in its usual country connotations. The band wield it to add a woozy touch to
their soulful, strident catalog; and much in the same way that Cold Sun effectively apply the Autoharp to Texas-fried psych, News bring the instrument into its own in the canon of melodic 60's tinged pop. That last fact may have actually sunk the album more than the opening track featuring experiments in radio static, the album submerges itself in the eclectic mix and attitude that fueled the 60's but unfortunately News was treading these waters in 1974. Critical and commercial response aside; this reissue, that boasts two additional tracks, shows off News' honey-tinged harmonies and West Coast easiness, making it one of those great gems that roll out of the seemingly endless vaults.

[MP3] News - Loser

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