MV & EE released this new set of lycergic droplets via Child of Microtones in an extremely limited run of CD's and now it gets the vinyl treatment from Pete Nolan's Arbitrary Signs. Liberty Rose strays from the muscular burnt blues that mark their work with The Golden/Bummer road crew, instead opting for the lonesome psych-folk backwoods of their other limited runs such as In the Pines. Erika and Matt delve into the ghost folk meditations that have made them longtime favorites of RSTB, channeling the soul of the very vacated stretches of desolate woods that the album was written in. On the B-side the band is joined by Doc Dunn who's spent some time contributing to their fuller recordings in the past but this time ads a transient spirit charmers touch to the campfire recordings. The duo has amassed a heap of releases but its always nice to hear them strip things back to their essence, eschewing any need to wrestle with people's expectations of them and instead wrestling with their own foggy demons and pinning them to tape.

[MP3] MV & EE - Right To Dry

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