Ensemble Economique

The beauty of the packaging alone on Brian Pyle's Standing Still, Facing Forward is enough to pique interest but once opened and explored this solo project from the Starving Weirdos member is a gorgeous expanse of tones and emotion. Built around a bed of field recordings, later manipulated by edits and composition added to the pieces; the album moves from gorgeous soundtrack-like moments to cavernous drone explorations, each further solidifying Pyle's intention to sum up the California coast on the record. It’s as beautiful and otherworldly intense as the natural surroundings its attempting to capture, at times feeling wrathful and as chaotic as storms. At other times the album becomes serene, as crystalline and calm as early morning stillness. It’s certainly a more practiced step forward from Pyle's work with the Weirdos, noisy but never in the same abstract way that they seem to function. Here he seems to have harnessed noise only to impart to his listeners the nature of his mutable subject. Pick one up from Amish below. Comes with a letter-pressed band and 16 page art book.

[MP3] Ensemble Economique - Chamber of Light

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