Deutshche Wertarbeit

Deutsche Wertarbeit – Deutsche Wertarbeit
As Aquarius Records recently pointed out in their review of this just reissued and long lost Krautrock gem, its not often that you can recall many female figures central to that particular
movement. More to the point its even harder to recall a f a female figure working as a separate entity outside of an established band. This is exactly where Deutsche Wertabeit comes in. The working name for Dorothea Raukes who apparently got her start in an even lesser known blip on the German progressive scene called Streetmark, that also included amongst its ranks Wolfgang Riechmann, an early collaborator of Wolfgang Flür from Neu and Kraftwerk. Once unencumbered by her previous project, Raukes went the route that many solo Komischers of the time did, delving into swirling synth pulses and robotic time signatures. Her self-titled debut is a haven of early electronic impulses and synthesizer pacing that will certainly be of interest to those following the current return of analog impulses to the musical press and perhaps also to later adopters of Vangelis' soundtrack work. Raukes would go on to record three additional albums, one of which would see her reunite with Riechmann, before she slipped away from the public eye.

[MP3] Deutsche Wertarbeit - Auf Engelsflugeln

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Anonymous Small Town Romance said...

Sounds great, like Subway II touched with eighties sounds.

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