Baths (Royal Baths)

More great treats from out San Francisco way. All the quality jams radiating out of that core center are enough to make a guy think twice about relocating. The Baths, who've recently rechristened themselves Royal Baths to avoid confusion with a group that just beat them to it, have a rather engaging tape out now on WZRD MNTN. Despite sharing touring space with a few of the Bay Area's garage greats, Baths occupy a much darker space than many of their contemporaries. Shades drawn and amplifiers on permanent buzz, they pound through a pins and needles attack on the psych palette that sounds more in tune with the swampy burn of Texas than the sunny shores of California. Though I suppose even temperate climates can't make everyone shine through with positivity and jangle, and in a way it's refreshing to give into the negative pound; the creeping, bloodshot, late night burns that occupy the weedsick mind. Definitely a necessary release to pick up this year if you can get your hands on the cassette version or I guess you'll have to wait for their new Woodsist LP, Litanies, a little later.

[MP3] Baths (Royal Baths) - Needle and Thread

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