Archers By the Sea

As usual Stunned dig up some of the best noises peeking out of subcutaneous tape caves, and since their runs are minuscule of course we’ve come by Archers By the Sea just as the tape dissipates from physical existence. Still, Vincent Caylet is a busy man; recording under the names “V”, The Pistil Cosmos and as a duo in Monks of Balhill, so it seems likely that he’ll pop up again very soon. Sometimes We Should Dance evokes quite a few impulses but most shy away from dancing, instead delving deeper into meditative stews of drone and pulse. The cassette is wrapped in layers of esoteric static that weave through guitar divination and what may very well be synthesizer fallout. Caylet creates throbbing worlds of pulse and flutter that waver like undersea lights, beckoning listeners close in trancelike patterns before absorbing them completely. Its always a good idea to keep your eyes pinned to Stunned’s news feed because they turn up gems like these constantly, but blink and they’re gone.

[MP3] Archers By the Sea - Plastic Sun On Fire
[MP3] Archers By the Sea - Synthetic Glaze

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