Apache come clipped right out of the pages of a vintage issue of Creem from 1978, pure snotty power pop at its most delightful. Often crusted with a crass veneer (it takes a special mentality to write a song called "Finger Banger" and sing it like you mean it) but always shot through with a thick dose of catchy riffs that are as raw as they are reverent to their forefathers. There are moments that might fool the most ardent digger into discovering a long lost power pop gem but definitely a faint whif of metal thrust that saddles Apache's latest up to the leather toughened side of the Hunx and Nobunny crowd. Everything about Radical Sabbatical swaggers to the mic, cock sure and halfway to the afterparty before the set's begun, then it walks away with your date and leaves you gaping. But you can't help but smile because you gotta admit, they did it with style.

[MP3] Apache - OMC
[MP3] Apache - Jam Pusher

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Are these Bare Wires or Apache MP3s??

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