Though we've already posted the video, having the single in our hands makes it even more fun and the need to share it bumps the singles post up a few days. Schedules be damned! Definitely a new one that we'll keep our eyes on and as previously mentioned, limited to 300 so grab one now!

Wet Illustrated – Born Stoked b/w Flying 7"
This single is full of hooks and fraught with jangle, bursting with the wild rays of the California sun and absolutely topping our lists of things that we can't stop listening to right now. The A-side is a propulsive bit
of steam and scrap that hangs on toned guitar thump and an exuberance that wouldn't be out of place at the most carefree of beach parties. Its jangles get instantly lodged in the brain but never come across too candy coated so as to allow you to OD on pop. The flip is, if possible, more insistent with the acoustic bounce. All in all this one's winding its way to the top of our singles list for the year.

[MP3] Wet Illustrated - Born Stoked

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