Seems like the half-way point is upon us and I suppose that necessitates reflection. It doesn't seem like half a year's gone by already but maybe that's a good sign of music making the time go by quicker. Lots of new RSTB faves and plenty from our past haunts making the cut here. These definitely spent the most time on the turntable and in the headphones.


Nice Face // Immer Etwas
Magic Lantern // Platoon
Emeralds // Does It Look Like I'm Here?
White Hills // White Hills
Hanoi Janes // Year of Panic
Forest Swords // Dagger Paths
Dead Luke // American Haircut
Wild Nothing // Gemini
Yellow Swans // Going Places
Woods // At Echo Lake
Moon Duo // Escape
Woven Bones // In and Out and Back Again
L.A. Vampires / Psychic Reality // Split LP


The Fresh & Onlys - Vanishing Cream (from Plastic Spoons 7")
Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks or Coconuts (from Mex Summer 7")
Flight - Ghosts (from Plastic Spoons 7")
Wet Illustrated - Born Stoked (from Corvette City 7")
The Liminanas - I'm Dead (from HoZac 7")
The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire (from Captured Tracks 7")
Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand (from Stridulum EP)
Sun Araw - Live Mind (from Not Not Fun 7")
The Mantles - Cascades (from Mexican Summer 12")
Puerto Rico Flowers - Lets Make Friends (from Fan Death 12")
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