Party Platter

Florida's Dying culls together a super-sized smorgasbord of garage luminaries for a compilation that celebrates a time when the latest dance craze changed by the week. Plenty of RSTB archive fodder on this one including Nobunny, Hunx and The Yolks all crammed together in a blur of feet and hands in motion. Straight to the point - this album is a party starter full of garage grind and organ swells. There's no shortage of garage comps both new and old but its hard to find them this solid. The only short coming might be that the compilation is a little dude heavy with only one solid female-fronter in the bunch (no Okmoniks, really? They'd fit right in here) but I suppose its a male heavy genre of late. Ladies get out there and balance this equation quick so the next installment gets its fix!

[MP3] Nobunny - Hocus Pocus
[MP3] The Yolks - Shim Shang

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Blogger David said...

Brand new studio Nobunny song. I am so happy this has happened and it's just as on par with eveything from "Love Visions". So can not wait for "ono" in October.

3:50 PM  

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