The Mantles

San Francisco's The Mantles return in short order with an EP for the ever deepening cult of awesome that is Mexican Summer. The EP picks up easily where their Siltbreeze album left off. The jangles that permeated the debut have been dampened a bit but they've begun to deepen their joyous ride through the past, with this record leaning heavier on their Velvets impulses than ever before and pulling it off in a style that most VU reverent lack. Lets not get crazy though, The Mantles haven't totally shed the sunshine streak of their California roots for New York aloofness just yet. Though darker waters run through the EP there's still plenty of SanFran sun caked on top making this a bittersweet gem that boils and cools in equal measure. Absolutely every bit as necessary as their album.

[MP3] the Mantles - Cascades

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Anonymous Michelle Broder Van Dyke said...

I love this track. I love the Mantles. Thanks for sharing!

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