Jeff Simmons – Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
Simmons was best known for his connection to the Zappa contingent, playing with the Mothers for a stint and issuing both this album and an earlier, more instrumental one for Zappa's Straight Records. There are
certainly elements here that tie Simmons work to that of his more famous compatriot, not least the fact that Zappa lends his fretwork to this album, but Simmons also establishes himself in his own right as a songwriter. Tongues often placed firmly in cheek as much as guitars are placed center stage, its an easy bet for Zappa/Beefheart lovers but the album also picks up a hint of its 70's heyday arena rock as well. It's excessive, which again wasn't outside the realms of the Mothers' family, but its also aiming for more appeal than would often be reached for from that contingent. Hell considering that Straight also released The GTO's this is downright soothing. Simmons' solo career never quite found its legs and he also left the Mothers during 200 Hotels. Quiet for years he resurfaced in the late 2000's with a new record. This, however, stands as his greatest solo work and a great puzzle piece in the Zappa clan.

[MP3] Jeff Simmons - I'm in the Music Business
[MP3] Jeff Simmons - Wonderful Wino

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