The inaugural release on Jeremy Earl's Woodsist subsidiary Hello Sunshine (we can only assume named for one of the greatest songs of the 70's) travels deeper down the psych rabbit hole than the majority of its parent label's release ever dared. This gives us great hope that the new label will become an avenue for the weirder leanings of the Woodsist family. Spearheaded by Cursillistas' Matt Lajoie, Herbcraft's Discovers the Bitter Waters of Agartha is a dark and tangled journey revolving around the purported center of the Earth explorations of Admiral Richard Byrd. The album is such a perfect homage to 70's concept albums that were it not for the tell-tale Jeremy Earl artwork on the label this could be beat up and tossed into a dollar bin only to fool the most ardent crate digger. The album travels its tale as Admiral Byrd meets with subterranean dwellers of the Ariani, moving from scorched rockers to deep echoing chant, only to end with a condemnation of Man and their love for power via atomic weapons. Pure psychedelic indulgence in the greatest of terms and a great extension of Lajoie's work in Cursillistas.

[MP3] Herbcraft - Road to Agartha

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Blogger Holly said...

Hi Raven -

Your comment re 'hello sunshine' piqued my interest, which led to my discovery of the great Relatively Clean Rivers LP - so thank you very, very much!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

REally liking the song, and I like the concept for the album. Thanks for the heads up.

1:53 AM  

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