My attention to Blackest Rainbow has been lax and the label snuck out with a whole new batch of great records, chief among which is Guanaco's debut album Sky Burials. The album bears much of a debt to Ben Chasney and Rick Tomlinson's school of psych as filtered through an ornate tapestry of fingerpicked guitar. Calm rivulets of notes cascade over ominous graying drones in ways that feel familiar but still harrowing on a gut level. Dread rises up out of the distance only to be abated ever so slightly by the road worn pick of fingers through nylon strings. Though not his first endeavor (Lex Panayi also plays with Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan), this is an excellent debut under the Guanaco moniker and a welcome addition to the currently unfulfilled burnt folk landscape; as Tomlinson's amped up the fury and Chasney hasn't released anything this year. As usual Blackest Rainbow keeps things limited (300 copies) with paste on covers so pick one up quick or be left behind in the settling dust.

[MP3] Guanaco - Sky Burial

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Anonymous Small Town Romance said...

Nice...on the cross point of Ben Chasney and Wooden Spoon

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