Gnod / White Hills

Two of psych's most ardent warriors team up for their first (official) collaboration and the world shakes on its hinges just a bit. With Gnod representing the British tradition and White Hills picking up the US baton, this collaboration couldn't be better matched and has in fact happened before on the limited CD-r release Drop Out I Barreling like a Krautrock juggernaut Drop Out II sees both bands mesh their psychic views together to form one concise psychedelic wavelength. Encompassing the insistent throb of Neu disciples throughout the course of several long pieces and interlacing interludes that caress the Cluster highway, the album moves fluidly from pulsating visions to placid moments with ease. There are many that hope to attain the true torch of Space Rock and while a few other contenders grace the same plateau, these two are certainly top rung. To have them lay down arms and take up common cause is simply too much of a good thing. Won't stick around long though, this sucker's limited to 1,000 copies and sure to sell out.

[MP3] Gnod / White Hills - Drop Out

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