Flottante Tension D'eclipse - 10 Years of SDZ Records

Based on personal experience I can say for certain that putting together a decent compilation is no easy task. Even after all the tracks finally make their way to your awaiting hands there's the daunting aspect of sequence and artwork, but SDZ in their 10 years wisdom have put together an excellent showcase of the label's past and present - in a sweet silkscreen no less. Went into this one thinking that the familiar names (Cheveu, The Electric Bunnies, The Rebel, Daily Void) would come up clear winners and ended up more than pleasantly surprised by those gems that remained unknown to these ears. Some excellent bits of garage flotsam and dirt caked grime in the form of Feeling of Love (who also have an excellent LP out on Killshaman) plus Toddi Wellman, Braindamage, and Pierre and Bastien have excellent offerings to bring to the table. Oh and for good measure, Posadzki Project wins for best track title with the Liz Lemonesque "I Want Go To Your Brain" (sic). Definitely a good primer on some undersung French ranks and a frighteningly good flow for a compilation that spans a decade of music. A recommended pick up for 2010 and some new names to watch out for in the future.

[MP3] Feeling of Love - Dissolve Me

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