Dunes crawl out of the darkened pop past of an 80's hangover, shake off the dust and do a slow sway to the kind of heartbreak that sent teenagers to locked bedrooms mixed with the mournful howls that kept them there. They know their femme pop secrets and use them well, crafting a sultry smolder with just enough jangle to nod a head or two and just enough noise to keep things interesting. No surprise that such alchemists should show up on the barometer of current indie folklore, Mexican Summer. The band's debut is a silken in all the right places and rough in the rest, having no need for studio sheen but keeping the vocals pleading to the last honeyed drop. This one's limited as with all MexSum releases so get those paws on it quick if you're keen or watch out for an upcoming 7" on Art Fag.

[MP3] Dunes - Handle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are FABULOUS! thanks for turning us on...

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