Douchemaster's always onto the best and brightest in the garage market and this single's no exception. A side project from TJ of Cococoma that amps up the doo-wop and brings the fun in a big way.

The Half Rats – For the Sake of Love 7"
Though not marked as such this could easily have been a double A-side. The first track picks up the janglier, more straightforward 60's garage. Reveling in the harmonies that marked all great bands of the era its
not so much homage as it is just reverent attention to detail. For me ,however, its the flip that really steals the show here. Relegated to b-side but somehow rolling a cool intro into some serious doo-wop moves and straight guitar twang that makes it an absolute stunner of a single. Honestly, though Cococoma is loved around these parts, the hope that The Half Rats will continue well beyond this mere single is overwhelming. Definitely a fun romp and a great slice of garage any day.

[MP3] The Half Rats - The Girl

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the half rats, the mantles, rayon beach and the wonderful woven bones, all courtesy of this wonderful blog, just wanted to thank you for introducing me to so many garage influenced fuzz drenched noise merchants that may have passed me by, it's good to know they are out there somewhere

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