Various Artists – Absolute Belter
Finders Keepers has been key in digging up some great gems from all over the European psych scene in the last few years and after unearthing some Hungairian Funk and French Prog they've taken to shedding a bit of light on Spanish
label Belter with its mix of psych and 60's standard covers and Spanish rock originals. By far the best of the bunch recontextualize British and American classics in a new rhythmic light, adding a touch of the Spanish heritage to their well-worn choruses. More than just a few nuggets, this collections is a panoramic view of the Belter era in Spanish pop music and judging from the pieces represented here it was an explosive time. Add another Finders Keepers release to your list of essentials and stack your next mixtape with a few of these gems.

[MP3] Sonya - En Mi Nube (Get Off My Cloud)
[MP3] Huracanes - Cambio

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