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Well its been no long stretch since Monsieur Segall has appeared in these pages but since the classic cuts keep coming there seems no need to shy away on the advent of another album. A few familiar singles ("Caesar", "My Sunshine") make their way onto Melted and they're in welcome company alongside nine other deliciously fuzzy cuts of fuzzed pop goodness. In the vein of the aforementioned singles the album tracks in a bit more diversity than the past few Segall outings, offering up bits of acoustic strum and a few filled out arrangements to the usual barrage of guitar grit. There's very little praise we can heap on here that we haven't heaped in the past. If you're in the mood for in the red garage jams that make you sweat, shimmy and shake then this is the perfect partner. Though there are a few slower movers here too and perhaps the slower pace plus those acoustic strums we mentioned earlier are just a few hints of the purported Ty Segall folk album to come on Social Music.

[MP3] Ty Segall - Caesar
[MP3] Ty Segall - Girlfriend

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Blogger BlueCaballo said...

I freakin love Ty Segall!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear him do folk....

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