Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin returns to the ethereal plane with another OPN release, this time for the ever intriguing Editions Mego imprint that just recently brought us a few delightful gems from Emeralds last week. An unusually harsh blast opens Returnal before its dives into Lopatin's usual depths of analog bliss and subliminal seduction. The album acts as a plunge into oceanic slumber, letting the green light slowly change to bluish black. It's got a touch of the NOVA exploration but without ever becoming too heavy on the scientific vibe, more a sense of suspended wonder. At this point we've presented enough of OPN's works that if you like the style then you'll love this one all the more and if you're not a fan this won't bring you around. However we're entranced as usual and ready for the plunge that Oneohtrix provides. Beautiful packaging only makes this all the more enticing so grab one while you can.

[MP3] Oneohtrix Point Never - Describing Bodies
[MP3] Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal

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