Los Bravos – Los Bravos
Los Bravos originate from Spain but one listen to their S/T album and you'd be forgiven for not thinking they were a U.S./UK beat group. They split the line between soulful pop and an early Beatles rock sound. "Black is Black" was an international
hit, probably the most successful Spanish record of the day, though the Spanish influence is a bit hard to pin down since the track was recorded in a London studio using British session musicians. This latter fact has let to an unsubstantiated rumor that Jimmy Page played on the track since his timing as a session man would fit into the same time period. It seems the record company was more interested in singer Mike Kennedy's voice than the use of the band, but the record doesn't seem to suffer from it with the exception of a certain studio sheen being felt in the tracks. The album bounces around a host of Brit and American influences with a good mix of melody and showmanship and some record company ordered horn arrangements that ad a bit of splash. The record has now been put back onto the vinyl shelves with in all its former glory and is well worth picking up.

[MP3] Los Bravos - Bring a Little Lovin'
[MP3] Los Bravos - Black is Black

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