Indian Jewelry

One of the earlier bands that appeared in these pages and still running; Indian Jewelry continues to reshape pop and noise with each new release. Totaled the band's second for We Are Free, is as dark as they've ever been but with a cobalt sheen buffed over the top of its rough exterior. The highs and lows aren't as extreme on this album but the eerie calm that swirls overhead leaves the listener as unsettled as any wild chain swinging or noise explosions might. Switching between breathy beauty and dusty calm the album trips along on corroded drum beats and narcotic synth curls. A soundtrack to the weary end of a night that won't end, stuck between a false third wind and a hangover. Totaled makes all its promises in the title, sounds that feel like the throb of alcohol leaving the veins, hot August sweat and bile. A glorious darkness indeed.

[MP3] Indian Jewelry - Oceans
[MP3] Indian Jewelry - Tono Bungay

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i REALLY love this blog!

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Love these 2 tracks, will be looking out for the album.

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